Special Needs Dentistry in Calgary

Pediatric dentistry for those who have Special Needs

Pediatric dentistry also focuses on providing dental care to individuals who have unique physical, intellectual, developmental, or emotional needs that require special attention and accommodations.

Calgary Smiles Children’s Dental Specialists is able to provide private waiting rooms for those who want a quiet space alone for families with special needs.

Dr. Batra specializes in special needs dentistry and our clinic is able to provide customized and compassionate dental care to individuals with unique physical, intellectual, developmental, or emotional needs.

What is the main goal of special needs dentistry?

 Provide equal access to quality dental care for individuals with special needs and improve their oral health and overall well-being. If you are looking for a Calgary dental clinic that provides special needs dentistry services or a pediatric dentist in Calgary, click below to book your appointment today!

Key aspects

Special needs dentistry recognizes that each patient is unique and requires personalized care. At Calgary Smiles Children’s Dental Specialists, Dr. Batra and his staff are trained to adapt their techniques, communication styles, and treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each individual

Special needs dentists often work closely with caregivers, family members, and other healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s overall care. This collaboration ensures comprehensive and coordinated dental treatment, taking into account any medical conditions, medications, or behavioral considerations

For individuals with severe anxiety, behavioral challenges, or extensive treatment needs, special needs dentistry may involve the use of sedation or general anesthesia to ensure their comfort and cooperation during dental procedures

Special needs dentistry focuses on promoting oral health education and preventive care for patients. Dr. Batra provides guidance on proper oral hygiene techniques, diet recommendations, and strategies to maintain good oral health at home