Common Dental Procedures

At Calgary Smiles Children's Dental Specialists, Dr. Batra's primary focus is preventative dentistry, healthy smiles and a positive experience for your child.

See below for a list of Common Procedures and their explanations


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Common Services

Exams and Cleanings help to remove “tartar” from both above and below the gums, leaving the teeth whiter and gums healthier. Cleanings are usually fun and allow your child to become comfortable at the dental office. We recommend a “check up” appointment every 6 months.

Radiographs (or X-rays) are an essential part of out diagnostic assessment. They are prescribed by Dr. Batra based on a child’s individual’s needs and cares risk. Xrays allow us to see the hidden parts of the tooth (root, bone, etc) that the eye can not see. Xrays let us make sure our exam is not missing any hidden cavities.
Dental x-rays detect much more than dental cavities, and they allow the dentist to evaluate growth, bone and gum (periodontal) health, pathology and trauma
At Calgary Smiles Children’s Dental Specialists we use digital Xray technology with minimal exposure.

Sealants help prevent cavities from starting. It turns out that most cavities start on the biting surface of the tooth (the top). Sealants help to cover areas of the tooth that easily retain food and can be hard to clean.

Sometimes teeth need extra protection after a bigger cavity. A crown or “cap” covers the whole tooth, offering total protection. This can be silver or tooth colored. Parents have the option

There are many reasons why a tooth may need to come out. We extract both baby teeth and adult teeth.

Cavities happen. Dr. Batra can fix cavities with tooth colored fillings.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends fluoride as a way to help reduce cavities. We provide Fluoride Varnish to help strengthen your child’s teeth.

Oral Hygiene Instruction and Caries Risk Assessment are fancy ways of saying we can help teach your child how to brush and floss properly, all while educating them on what foods are good or bad for the teeth. We are also happy to help parents learn the skills needed to keep their children’s teeth healthy!

When a cavity reaches the nerve chamber of the tooth we may need to complete a “Baby Root Canal” (or Pulpotomy) on the tooth to prevent further progression of the bacteria. In this procedure, the infected portion of the nerve is removed and a medication is placed in the nerve chamber.

Laughing Gas is a fast-acting gas that helps to relax your child. It is safe, and the effects of the gas go away almost instantly when your child breathes regular room air again.

Some children need to be fully asleep for their dental procedures. We offer this service through our affiliate dental surgical locations.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is one of the newest medications used in pediatric dentistry because it can stop the cavity from growing. Sometimes it can be used instead of placing a filling especially in very young kids

After a primary (baby) tooth has been extracted, space maintainers keep teeth from moving and also maintain the space for the adult tooth

Parents want to be well-informed, and feel confident about their children’s dental treatment. Dr. Batra understands this, and offers appointments specifically for a “second opinion”. We will examine and/or take X-rays, and discuss what your child needs to have 100% healthy teeth and gums.

Not all children who have tongue tie or lip tie need to be treated. We will help you make an informed decision if treatment is necessary.